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TEYUN A4 Sound Mixing Console Bluetooth USB Record Computer 48V Phantom Power Delay Repaeat Effect 4 Channels USB Audio Mixer

TEYUN A4 Sound Mixing Console Bluetooth USB Record Computer 48V Phantom Power Delay Repaeat Effect 4 Channels USB Audio Mixer

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A4 Four-way pure mixer Quality assurance Welcome to order

Product introduction

This mixer is a multi-purpose with a sound card4Channel mixer,Can satisfy the user's family music production,Live webcast,KSong cover and other needs。Product characteristics:The mixer is equipped、Input Gain and High Bass Adjustment、Built-in48VPhantom power supply is suitable for direct power supply of condenser microphone、High Definition Headset Output Port、MP3Player、Bluetooth reception、With connectionPCSound card。The mixer is small in size.、Lightweight,Can be directly connectedPCTheUSBPort power supply,No additional power supply required,Can be throughUSBConnect the computer to supply power to run,The trouble of using an external adapter is saved.,You can also use mobile power orUSB AC/DCThe adapter powers it。

Product information



Packing list:Host*1,usbPower cord*1,Power cord plug*1,English instructions

Gross wieght:0.6KG

Color box size:23*23*7CM

Carton gross wieght:13.2KG

Carton size:47*27*37CM(20 Sets)


Functional characteristics

1.2Channel signal input and1Road stereo signal input

2.1Group main channel output,1Group auxiliary channel output and return connectors

3.1Independent recording output and listening ports

4.Low noise、High precision microphone preamplifier,The sound quality is clear and clean.

5.Balanced microphoneXLRInput and Balanced LinesTRSInput、3Segment channel equalization

6.48VPhantom power supply,Polarization voltage for input ports and convenient connection of condenser microphones

7.Headset monitor interface

8.Quasi-logarithmic double10bitLEDLevel display

9.MP3Play module(USBInterface,And has display function)

10.External switch power supply(AC100-240VAlternating current)Flexible use,Low power consumption

Product descriptionThe mixer is a multi-purpose 4-channel mixer with a sound card that can be meet users of home music production, webcast, K song and other needs.FeaturesThe mixer is equipped with input gain and high bass adjustment, built-in 48V phantom power supply for condenser microphone direct power supply, high-definition headset output port, MP3 broadcast, device with a sound card can be directly connected to the PC.Mixer compact, lightweight, can be directly connected to the PC's USB port power supply,No additional power, can be connected to the computer through the USB power supply to run, eliminating the need forWith the trouble with an external adapter, you can also use the mobile power or USB AC / DC.The adapter is powered by the adapter.

AUX-bus main channel output,One AUX output and backtrack2-band EQ for each input channelBuilt-in professional reverb2-bus electronic balanced display

◆Totai Harmonic Distortion:≤0.1%◆Frequency Response:20Hz~20KHz/±0.5dB◆S/N Ratio:≥-80dB◆MAX Outputs:4V/MAX◆Input/Output impedance:◆MIC:2.4KΩ◆Mono:11KΩ◆Stereo:100KΩ◆Parametric EQ:◆HI:12KHz±15dB◆LOW:80Hz/±15dB

◆ 2 channel signal input and one channel stereo input◆ One main channel output,one AUX output and feed back◆ Independent channel for recording output and monitor◆ Low-noise,high-precision microphone preamplifier with perfect sound quality◆ Balanced XLR microphone input and balanced TRS line inputs,3-band channel EQ◆ 48V DC phantom power will responsible for connect with condenser mic,and power supply for input port◆ Port for eqrphone monitor◆ Precision logarithmic double 10 LED level display◆ MP3 module,USB interface,and display◆ Built-in switching power supoly is flexible(AC100-240V AC),low power consumption

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