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New car bluetooth smart voice navigation bluetooth MP3 player dual SUB car charger

New car bluetooth smart voice navigation bluetooth MP3 player dual SUB car charger

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Functional characteristics:

1、This device supports full-frequency point transmission.,Frequency range:87.5-108 Mhz FMFM transmitter

2、Support Bluetooth hands-free calls.Built-in microphone.Convenient and secure calls

3、SupportUPlate、TFCard extended playbackMP3.WMA.FLAC.

4、Can be answered via Bluetooth/Hang up/Rejection/retransmission

5、Bluetooth stereo music playback

6、Call echo cancellation and noise reduction(CVC)Technology

7、Support Bluetooth hands-free calls.Built-in microphone.Convenient and secure calls

8、Automatic memory function for power failure frequency points

9、Automatically connect back after power-on.Automatically enter pairing state

10、Insert the product into the car cigarette lighter seat,After turning on the power, the display will show the current voltage of the car battery,Monitor the battery condition of your car

Description of product parameters:

Rated operating voltage:12V-24V

Operating temperature range:0~63°

Support playback format:MP3/WMA

Frequency response:20HZ-15KHZ

Bluetooth transmission distance:5M-10M

FMtransmit frequency:87.5MHZ——108MHZ

ReadUPlate/Micro SDCard capacity:Up32G

Bluetooth connection distance



0~1meter capacitance micrometer,-38dB

FMtransmit band


Bluetooth、TCard、UPlate、Play current


Power on shows battery voltage


Current noise

No noise

Sound distortion

No distortion

Car charging limit voltage


Car charging output current


Operating temperature range


No connection Bluetooth standby state/Indication

“bt”Character interval1sShine

Connect Bluetooth Standby/Indication

Screen display frequency


Long press the phone key to enter the FM interface,Press┃?Key sum?┃Key for frequency modulation,After entering the FM interface, the telephone key can be rotated to FM

Up and down function

Short press┃?For the previous song/Short press?┃For the next song

Play pause function

Short press the phone key

Incoming and answering calls

Click the phone key

Unmarked redial function

Double-click the phone key

Refuse calls

Press the phone key for a long time.

Hang up the phone

Click the phone key

Bluetooth,TFCard,UPlate,Switching function

Long press?┃(Next song)Switch back and forth

Volume function

Turn the phone key knob to adjust the volume

TCard/UDisk supports playback format


Boot main connection

Automatically connect the last connected mobile phone when starting up

Charger no-load voltage




Power SupplyICTemperature protection

Power SupplyICIn130°Stop work

Charging protection current

2.9A  +/-0.2A

【Product packaging parameters】

  T25Bluetooth car charger host1Taiwan+Instructions1share+AUXLine

Single head weight: 45g

Products+Accessories+Packing weight:60g

Product outer package size: 12.5X6.5X4.5 CM

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