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New Car Bluetooth MP3 Player FM Transmitter Car Car Charger

New Car Bluetooth MP3 Player FM Transmitter Car Car Charger

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Product introduction This product is a special Bluetooth car for carsMP3Player,Using high-performance professional Bluetooth module,MP3Decoding chip。

Able to playTFThe music file in the card,throughFMWireless transmission to car audio。

You can also connect via Bluetooth,The music in the mobile phone is transmitted wirelessly.,Transfer to car stereo

You can also use this device as a phone hands-free system.。You can communicate freely during your driving.。

This device is transmitted to your car stereo by wireless transmission.,There is no need to modify your car.,You can enjoy music while driving and use hands-free cell phone to talk.,Entertainment safety is not wrong。

This device also has the function of a car charger,You can charge your digital products in the car.。

Product characteristics

1.  Power-on test battery voltage

2、Support Bluetooth Hands-Free,Built-in microphone,Convenient and safe answering calls;Caller ID

3、Noise handling during callsCVC,Wind noise suppression,Full duplex call technology;

4、Support mobile phoneA2DPFunction,After connecting Bluetooth, directly play high-quality mobile phone music;

5、Automatically connect back after power-on,Automatically enter pairing state;

6、SupportTFCard extended playbackMP3/WMAFormat music;

7、Bring your own car charger,Output5V—2100m,Can charge handheld terminal devices。

8. AVXPort output input.Song title display

Operating Instructions

1、Power on

(1)Plug this device into the car cigarette lighter power socket,It will automatically turn on after power on;

(2)By adjusting,Select a transmit frequency point on this equipment;

(3)Turn on the car stereo and place it inFMRadio status,Adjust the receiving frequency of the car radio to be consistent with the transmitting frequency of the equipment.。

2、Adjust frequency and volume

(1)This device supports full-frequency point transmission.,Frequency range:87.5MHz—108.0MHz。You can enter the frequency adjustment mode by pressing the frequency option key short.,Use the up and down arrow keys to adjust to the desired emission frequency,Then press the frequency option key to confirm the frequency point.。

(2)Adjust emission volume:In music playing mode or call mode,Long press the direction up and down arrow keys to adjust the volume。

(3)Song selection:You can press the arrow keys briefly. “”and“”To select the track to be played;

3、PlayTF Cary's Music

(1)willTFThe card is inserted into the device'sTFCard expansion slot,This device will automatically recognize and playTFIn the cardMP3/WMAMusic files。

(2)Play/Suspended:In the music playing state,Short press“”The key switches between music playing and pauses.。

(3)Song selection:In the playback state,By short pressing“”and“”Choose songs。

4、Connect Bluetooth device

(1)This device has a built-in Bluetooth chip.,Can be connected to a handheld Bluetooth device。

(2)After the device is turned on, it will automatically enter the Bluetooth pairing state.,At this time, the Bluetooth indicator is 1Times/Seconds The frequency of the flicker,At this time, use the Bluetooth search name of the handheld terminal device.“T6”Bluetooth,Connect;

(3)This equipment has memory function,After pairing connection,It will automatically connect after starting up,No need to manually connect again;

(4)If you need to disconnect the currently connected Bluetooth device,Can be long pressed“”Disconnect the currently connected Bluetooth device,You can also disconnect Bluetooth on the Bluetooth device side。

5.Play music from your mobile phone

(1) After Bluetooth connection,You can play music with your mobile phone.,Wireless transmission to car audio。

(2)You can control music through the operation of your mobile phone.,The volume of music can also be controlled by this device.,Play of songs/Suspended,And the previous song/The choice of the next song。

6、Switch music sources

(1)This device can playTFCard music,You can also play music from Bluetooth devices,If both exist at the same time,Can be by long pressing“”The key switches between the two。

7、Make a call

(1)After Bluetooth connection,You can make and receive calls through this device and your mobile phone.。

(2)Double click“”A group of calls that can be dialed later.。

(3)Switch calling equipment:In the call state,Long press“”Fast switching between Bluetooth hands-free device and handset。

Key function query

9、  Technical parameters

Input voltage:12-24V

Output voltage:5 v + / - -0.25

Output current:1000mA(MAX)

Short circuit protection current:2.4 - 3

Bluetooth version:V3.0 + EDR

Frequency:20 h ~ 20 KHZ

Sensitivity:-42decibels+ / 3 db 360

Voltage:5 v + / -0.5

Operating current:45mA (Big)

Standby current:25mA (Big)

Frequency:2.402 ~ 2.480 ghz

Effective distance:5Rice

Sensitivity:-92 dBm

RF output:4 dBm


Transmit power:87 dBuv / 107 dBuv

Effective distance:2Rice

Product specifications

Net weight:    85gram

【Product list】

  T10Bluetooth car charger host1Taiwan+Instructions1share

Single head weight: 75g

Products+Accessories+Packing weight: 150g

Product size:14*4.5*9.5CM

Product outer package size: 16x12.5x5.5CM

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