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High Quality Bone Conduction Wireless Headphones Bluetooth Gaming Headsets Noise Canceling Sport Earphones for xiaomi iphone

High Quality Bone Conduction Wireless Headphones Bluetooth Gaming Headsets Noise Canceling Sport Earphones for xiaomi iphone

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Non in-Ear Design:
The open-ear design of these workout headphones ensures you remain aware of your surroundings at all times. Whether you're walking, running, or cycling, you can stay alert and safe while enjoying your music.

Lightweight and Pain-Free:
Featuring the latest clip-on ear style and utilizing skin-friendly materials, these headphones transmit sound through vibration. They are so lightweight and comfortable that you can wear them for extended periods, from long video conferences to intense workouts, without any discomfort.

Fast Charge and Long Battery Life:
Enjoy 4-5 hours of continuous playtime on a single charge. With a quick 1.5-hour charge, the mini charging case provides up to 50 hours of additional playtime. Plus, the charging case can double as a power bank for your mobile phone, ensuring you stay powered up on the go.

IPX5 Waterproof:
The IPX5 waterproof rating protects these headphones from sweat and rain, allowing you to maintain peak performance in any weather condition without fear of water damage.

One-Step Pairing and Easy Touch Control:
Equipped with a Bluetooth 5.3 chip, these earbuds offer a fast and stable connection. After the initial setup, they automatically connect to your device when you open the charging case. Touch controls on the earbuds allow you to switch music, adjust volume, manage calls, and activate voice assistants without reaching for your phone.

HIFI 9D Surround Stereo Sound:
Experience high-fidelity sound with faster response and enhanced clarity. The composite diaphragm horns deliver bright high frequencies, full mid frequencies, and rich, elastic low frequencies, bringing your music to life.

HD Calling:
Enjoy high-definition voice calls that sound as clear as face-to-face conversations.

Game Audio and Video Synchronization:
The low latency algorithm ensures that game audio and video are perfectly synchronized, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the gaming experience and stay aware of your surroundings through sound.

How to Use Your Earphones for Calls and Other Operations

Answering Calls:

  1. Ensure your earphones are paired with your phone.
  2. To answer a call, double-click on the earphone with the charge contact pins.

General Operations:

  • Volume Control:
    • Increase volume: Single-tap on the right earphone.
    • Decrease volume: Single-tap on the left earphone.
  • Playback Control:
    • All playback controls (play/pause, skip forward/back) are located on the earphone with the charge contact pins.

Language Settings:

  • Before pairing with your phone, double-tap on the earphone to switch the language to English.

Note: After adjusting the volume, be aware that the sound can become quite loud. Adjust accordingly for a comfortable listening experience.


If you find the volume too low, please follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you are wearing the headset correctly. Position the side with the speaker close to your ear canal, as shown in the picture below:
  2. Adjust the volume by single-tapping the right earphone to increase it.
  3. If you continue to experience issues after following the above steps, please feel free to contact me for further assistance.

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