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HD A4 A5 Sound Card Mixing Console Mixer Professional Audio 4 5 Channel Sound Mixer For Live Streaming DJ Audio Equipment

HD A4 A5 Sound Card Mixing Console Mixer Professional Audio 4 5 Channel Sound Mixer For Live Streaming DJ Audio Equipment

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HD A4/A5 Professional Audio Sound Card Mixing Console

Elevate your audio production with the HD A4/A5 Professional Audio Sound Card Mixing Console. Designed for live streaming, DJ performances, and professional audio mixing, this versatile mixer offers superior sound quality and comprehensive control over your audio environment. Perfect for both beginners and seasoned professionals, the HD A4/A5 mixer ensures your audio setup is always top-notch.

Key Features:

  • 4/5 Channel Sound Mixer: With 4 or 5 channels available, the HD A4/A5 mixer provides ample inputs for microphones, instruments, and other audio sources. Seamlessly mix multiple audio streams for a rich, dynamic sound experience.

  • Professional Audio Quality: Enjoy pristine sound with high-definition audio processing. The HD A4/A5 mixer delivers clear, detailed audio, ensuring your live streams, DJ sets, and recordings sound professional and polished.

  • Versatile Connectivity: Equipped with a range of inputs and outputs, this mixing console offers versatile connectivity options for all your audio gear. Connect microphones, instruments, headphones, and external devices with ease.

  • Sound Card Integration: Built-in sound card functionality allows for direct connection to your computer or other digital devices. Streamline your setup and enjoy high-quality audio processing without the need for additional equipment.

  • Intuitive Controls: Take full control of your sound with user-friendly controls. The HD A4/A5 mixer features intuitive knobs and faders for easy adjustment of volume, balance, and effects, giving you precise control over your audio mix.

  • Ideal for Live Streaming: Enhance your live streaming setup with professional-grade audio. The HD A4/A5 mixer ensures your broadcasts sound clear and engaging, making it perfect for podcasters, gamers, and online performers.

  • DJ-Ready: Perfect for DJs, this mixing console allows you to blend tracks seamlessly and manage audio levels with precision. Create the perfect mix and keep the party going with reliable, high-quality sound.

  • Durable Design: Built to withstand the rigors of professional use, the HD A4/A5 mixer boasts a robust and durable design. Enjoy long-lasting performance and reliability in any setting, from studios to live events.

Upgrade your audio setup with the HD A4/A5 Professional Audio Sound Card Mixing Console. Whether you're live streaming, DJing, or recording, this mixer offers the features and quality you need to achieve outstanding sound. Take your audio production to the next level with the HD A4/A5 mixer, and ensure every performance is your best.

Package 1

1X A4 Sound Card

Packge 2

1X A5 Sound Card


- 5-channel mixer with three stereo channels and a set of independent stereo source channels

- Separate stereo source channels control mic and line inputs, not mono channels

Low noise, independent mic preamps on all mic inputs

-al dedicated plugin on mono channel

- Equalized 1/4" stereo jacks and balance controls for all stereo channels

- Separate stereo tape channel with 1/4" and RCA jacks

- Stereo output for recording applications

- Freely adjustable 3-babd equalizer for all five channels

-AUX and effects paths and individual gain controls on all channels

- Premium sealed faders and potentiometers

- Insertion options for external effects devices

- AUX send and FX send controls in the main section for ideal leveling

- Headphone output with dedicated voltage control

-Built-in +48V phantom power for condenser microphones

Package Included:

1PC x Mixing Console
1PC x Charging Cable
1PC x Computer Cable
1PC x Plug
1PC x User Manual

A5 Sound Card

A4 Sound Card

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