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6-channel Live Mixer Mixer Mobile Phone Bluetooth Sound Card Digital 16DSP Reverb Effect Model Number Certification Origin Type

6-channel Live Mixer Mixer Mobile Phone Bluetooth Sound Card Digital 16DSP Reverb Effect Model Number Certification Origin Type

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Product Introduction:

Introducing our versatile 4-channel mixer with a built-in sound card, designed to meet a variety of audio needs including home music production, live webcasts, and karaoke covers.

Product Features:

  • 4-channel mixer equipped with Input Gain and High Bass Adjustment for precise control over audio levels.
  • Built-in 48V Phantom power supply suitable for powering condenser microphones directly.
  • High Definition Headset Output Port for clear audio monitoring.
  • Integrated MP3 Player and Bluetooth reception for seamless audio playback.
  • Connects to PC as a sound card, allowing for easy integration into digital setups.
  • Includes 16 digital effects for added audio enhancement.

Compact and Lightweight Design: Our mixer is compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport and set up in any environment. It can be conveniently powered directly from a computer's USB port, eliminating the need for additional power supplies. Alternatively, it can be powered using a mobile power source or USB AC/DC adapter, providing flexibility for various power setups.

Product information:




U.S. Standard Single Product Packaging:25*28*7CM/Gross weight:0.8/KG

U.S. regulations20A carton:56*51*37CM/Gross weight:18.2/KG

European gauge single product packaging:25*28*7CM/Gross weight:0.8/KG

European gauge20A carton:56*51*37CM/Gross weight:18.2/KG

Functional characteristics:

1. 4Channel signal input and1Road stereo signal input

2. 2Group main channel output(XLR balance and 6.35m),1Group auxiliary channel output and return connectors

3. 1Independent recording output and listening ports

4. Low noise、High precision microphone preamplifier,The sound quality is clear and clean.

5. Balanced microphoneXLRInput and Balanced LinesTRSInput、3Segment channel equalization

6. 48VPhantom power supply,Polarization voltage for input ports and convenient connection of condenser microphones

7. Headset monitor interface

8. Quasi-logarithmic double10bitLEDLevel display

9. MP3Play module(LCDHD display,USBInterface,And has display function)

10. 5VPower supply,Flexible use,Low power consumption

11. 16 Digital effects,You can use the key to select


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