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5-channel Professional Mixer Computer Stage Recording USB Sound Card High Low Tone Bluetooth DJ Model Number Certification

5-channel Professional Mixer Computer Stage Recording USB Sound Card High Low Tone Bluetooth DJ Model Number Certification

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Key Features:

  • 5-Channel Input: Handle multiple audio sources effortlessly with five channels, allowing you to connect microphones, instruments, and other audio devices for versatile mixing capabilities.
  • USB Sound Card: Easily connect the mixer to your computer for high-fidelity recording and playback. The integrated USB sound card ensures clear, professional-grade audio transmission for all your recording needs.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Stream music wirelessly from your smartphone, tablet, or other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Perfect for adding background music or integrating modern audio sources into your mixes.
  • High and Low Tone Control: Fine-tune your audio with precise high and low tone controls, providing you with the ability to adjust the sound to your exact preferences and achieve the perfect mix.
  • Professional Certification: Certified for high performance and reliability, this mixer meets the stringent standards required for professional audio production and live performances.

Perfect For:

  • Stage Performances: Manage and mix multiple audio inputs with ease, ensuring top-notch sound quality for live events and concerts.
  • Recording Studios: Connect directly to your computer via USB for seamless recording sessions, capturing every detail with high fidelity.
  • DJs and Live Sound Engineers: Enhance your DJ sets and live mixes with Bluetooth streaming and precise tone control, delivering dynamic and engaging audio experiences.
  • Home Studios: Ideal for home recording setups, this mixer provides professional-grade features and connectivity options to help you create studio-quality tracks.

Why Choose Our 5-Channel Professional Mixer:

  • Versatile and Powerful: With five input channels and advanced connectivity options, this mixer is suitable for a wide range of audio applications.
  • Integrated USB Sound Card: Ensures high-quality audio transmission and easy connection to your computer for recording and playback.
  • Bluetooth Streaming: Add modern audio sources to your mix effortlessly with wireless Bluetooth connectivity.
  • High and Low Tone Control: Achieve precise sound customization with dedicated tone control knobs.
  • Certified Quality: Professional certification guarantees reliable performance and high-quality sound in any setting.

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